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About us

Are you considering purchasing a car? then consider importing from North America! We have been specialized in USA import for over 16 years, so take advantage of the dollar exchange rate and our opportunities in the largest and most important car auctions in the US and Canada.

We are registered as a dealer in the USA and therefore an authorized bidder for these auctions. There is also the possibility that we can purchase the car directly through selected dealers. The cars we sell are used cars, from oldtimers to cars that are a few weeks old. Every brand and type is possible. For vintage cars we have our own buyers in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

190,000 cars are offered per week, 30 to 40,000 cars are sold and new offers are added every day! Sufficient choice is therefore guaranteed.

On our page quotation request you can indicate (see "Request for Quotation") which type of car / year of construction / options / model you have in mind and you will receive an honest answer from us about whether it is profitable to import this car.

To make it as attractive and cheap as possible for you, you have the choice to take care of the last part of the import process yourself if you wish! Of course we can also take care of the entire process including the Dutch registration.
We can assure you that you cannot find cheaper importers in the Netherlands! Even if you would do the entire process yourself, you will not fall below our final price. Transparent cost overviews, no unexpected extra costs and an honest answer whether it's profitable for you to import the car!

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Our work method

If you have chosen which car you are interested in, we will look for this car. You will receive a mailing from us in which we give you a price indication of the car in question. This shows the price in the various stages of the total import process. You can submit your search request via our website.
For the business driver, the VAT amount is of course also displayed. Cars with gray license plates also possible.

If you want to continue with, you will receive an extensive mailing explaining every step of the import process. The cars that are offered to you are provided with very clear inspection reports and photos.

You may have already seen how importing a car works, but we will briefly explain how the whole process works after you give us the assignment to purchase your desired car.

  • purchase the car you want in North America

  • clearance of the vehicle

  • transport to nearest port

  • arrange container for transport

  • sea transport to Rotterdam

  • transport from container terminal (Maasvlakte/ECT) to forwarding agent

  • customs clearance and preparation of VAT documents

  • transport Rotterdam to Dirksland, we unload the containers ourselves. Only cars from US imports in the containers

  • RDW inspection or German admission inspection, depending on which type of car the best option is chosen

  • BPM declaration and license plate

  • Delivery ready including professional restyl

If you have any further questions or comments, please use ons Contact Form

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